Sana Javed & Bilal Ashraf in a new project

After the end of Sana Javed’s latest drama series “Dunk”, she wowed her fans with a photo on her Instagram showing her next project on TV. Initially, her followers were ambivalent as it was not clear who she was sitting within the photo.

Superstar presenter Bilal Ashraf also posted the same photo, confirming that he will be on television soon. The image from the back shows the new couple sitting together on the screen.

While more details about the project have yet to be announced, Sana and Bilal posted another similar photo to piss fans off even more. The two are seen in formal attire and looking each other in the eye. We hope, of course, that this is not a fashion campaign.

Bilal previously worked with Mahira Khan on Superstar. The actor also recently met with Maya Ali for the HSY fashion campaign. We are not yet sure if this drama will be his TV debut or not as he has another project with Mahira Khan. Let’s see which of them appears on the screen first.

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